What People are Saying


“In my work as a headhunter, I look at hundreds and hundreds of attorney photos. Deborah Geffner’s work is without a doubt the best I’ve ever seen.”

Tom Van Dyke – V.P. Esquire Legal Search


headshot-441“Deborah Geffner made me feel immediately at home. I trusted her years of experience as an actor and as a photographer to get me the perfect shot and she did! She helped me with wardrobe choices and my make up which allowed me to focus on just having a fun day of taking head shots. It’s her attention to detail and fun energy that sets her apart from every other photographer in town.”

Diana Wright – Writer/Comedian


Senyo Amoaku“I enjoyed every aspect of shooting with Deborah, she has an energy that allows for comfort and maintains that spirit through the entire shoot. Since shooting with her I have worked as a principal on films with Sylvester Stallone, The Wayans Bros, Network Television and multiple national commercials. It was more than worth the time.”

Senyo A. Walker – The Expendables / The Revenant / Brother White



headshot-82 “Deborah creates a relaxed and creative environment that eases you in to taking pictures. My personality came through more so than with any other photographer.”

Amber Ojeda – Musician / Singer / Actor




Ted Mattison“Deborah is a great photographer and just as importantly a great director. She knows how both keep you comfortable and get the expressions you need at the same time. This is an important gift!”

Ted Mattison – Actor / Acting Coach




Laura Simko3544crop300dpiSpending time and getting to know Deborah a bit was a dream. She is one of the most professional yet warm women I’ve ever met. Thank you again for the beautiful photo.”

Laura Simko – Author




headshot-121“Deborah was one of the first people I ever met when moving to the big city from a small tourist town in Missouri. I have had head shots taken by many people throughout my career. From the Mid-West to California, I have rarely been made to feel as warm and comfortable as Deborah made me feel. ‘D’ was able to let me relax and just be. Although I was there to get great shots that could work for me, I was also there hanging out with an amazing down-to-earth human being who cares. I would recommend anyone to come to Deborah for head shots, as well as to have a phenomenal day with a phenomenal and versatile artist. She just ‘gets it’ unlike many others, because she truly understands what it is like to be on both sides of the lens. I know there will be another session with D in my future.”

Austin Michael


headshot-112“When you walk into that room and your calling card is that wonderful photo of you — fully, truthfully, uniquely you at your best — that’s actor heaven. Deborah Geffner doesn’t do ‘a head shot’, she does your head shot. Whether she’s known you for twenty years or twenty minutes, she gets who you are and she somehow gets every bit of you through the lens and onto that little memory card. She’s an artist and a professional. Her sessions are loving, empowering, productive and fun. She knows how to calm down all that noise in your head, and your biggest problem will be choosing your favorite shot. You’ll probably choose several. She’s my photographer for life.”

Barbara Keegan – Emmy Award-winning Actress


IMG_1448_2“…she made me look fantastic, 15 years younger, we had a blast doing it, and she made it all easy! Deborah’s work speaks for itself. Never was the truism more true that a picture is worth a thousand words! She blends artistry and expertise with a strong intuitive sense for the person, the moment, the light and possibility. Most of all, she really cares — about her subject, the process and the finished product. With Deborah it is all fun and effortless. I felt like I was playing “dress-up” with a girlfriend. But wow! The results. One User Warning: ‘Proof Time.’ First look at proofs felt like fireworks–each one looked better than the last… I lost count of how many times I weeded through the vast palette of terrific shots and still ended up with well over a dozen of finals–each perfect for a different purpose. Best of all, the fun lasts. I now believe that I actually look this good!”

Susan Dane Setin – CEO of S.M.A.R.T. Women International


img_7084-crop_2_31“Working with Deborah was great! We shot several looks, and she helped me ‘get into character’ for each. The whole session was relaxed and fun. I came away with a variety of useful shots. Overall, I really enjoyed the experience of working with her. She was friendly and I felt absolutely comfortable. Good value too!”

Heather Pennington



Jon Benson“Deborah’s shoot is fun, relaxed, and did I say fun? She also captures something of the ‘real you.’ The entire experience will be a treat.”

Jon Benson




headshot-151“…The pictures were amazing; she captured every aspect of me. No one could have done better.”

Kris Benson




smitty_turtle“Deborah Geffner takes a beautiful picture of you, whether or not you are lucky enough to be purple!! She plays in the pond with you and makes you laugh and makes sure your shell is always puffy! If you are very good she will let you eat some bugs!!! There is nothing to fear, your photos will be magical, even if you are not a flying turtle! You may quote me.”

Smitty – Action-Adventure-Turtle, Direct Descendent of Gamera the Great, SAG-AFTRA/AEA Eligible, and He Has Many Vouchers!